I Blame My Keurig


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Sejal weds Ashutosh – Wedding Highlights

Sejal Patel & Ashutosh Kadakia – Cinematic Highlights

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It's annoying seeing "Please consider the environment and don't print this email unless truly necessary" at the bottom of emails. Who still prints emails and physically stores them? #

If company slogans were honest, they would be like this. #

Just grocery shopped on AmazonFresh for the first time. 30-day free trial before the $299 membership, a $199 upgrade from the AmazonPrime that I couldn't live without. Overall it's seems like Whole Foods / Trader Joes pricing -- not as cheap some of the cheaper local ethnic food markets, but extremely convenient. We'll see how cold the milk is when delivered. #

Fair Share

I just saw this article in Bloomberg about Obama wanting to tax corporate jets and private planes an additional $100/per flight. Sure it’s a small amount but that’s beside the point. It’s easy to rag on “corporate jet” owners, but one thing stuck out from the article.

The main rational for charging the $100/flight is that “General aviation users currently pay a fuel tax, but this revenue does not cover their fair-share use of air traffic services.” Basically commercial airlines pay $1,300 – $2,000 in taxes to cover the air-traffic controllers, but private jets only pay $60. Okay fair enough – basically it costs the system the same for a jumbo jet as it does corporate jets, so they should pay the same amount. Rational principle.

But why isn’t this principle carried over in taxation? Doesn’t anyone see the hypocrisy in their argument?

The top 5% pay 60% of federal taxes. Does providing billionaires government services cost more than the ordinary man? Do billionaires really cost the government more? Do roads for them cost more? Does their national defense cost more? Why should they pay taxes at a higher rate?

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My Netflix recommends “Heartfelt Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead.” FML. I should have learned in elementary school. This is why you don’t share with girls.

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Verizon test a 10 GBps connection in the field. I want, I want. #

Want to start a startup? Too funny. (Embedded after the jump.) #

BA II Plus Professional Manual: Mostly for my reference, but hopefully it helps some Googler in the future. Embedded manual after the jump. Download here. #